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Engineering Materials business is one of Teamgo’s key businesses, and the core subsidiary company in related industry is Nanchang Teamgo New Materials Joint-stock Co., Ltd. Teamgo focuses on the research, development, production, sales of macromolecule geosynthetics, the development of application software of engineering materials, and the application project design of engineering materials all the time. The base for R&D and production of engineering materials is located in Teamgo new materials industrial park in Nanchang, which is in the national-level Nanchang economic-technical development zone. Its products, such as geogrids, one-way & bi-directional grids of ultra-high strength and anti-seepage green composite materials of GEM high-performance, have been widely used in soil foundation treatment, anti-seepage of soil foundation, protection and reinforcement of slopes and dams in highways, railways, water conservancy, ports, environment protection, as well as ecological recovery, landfill of refuse, disaster management, etc.
Teamgo has filled many gaps in the engineering materials industry by a lot of achievements in scientific research with exclusive intellectual property rights. For example, TGDG280 and other products in the series, have maintained the advanced level in the industry. The products of high strength and wide width which are transformed from several invention patents, have been widely used to be the first-choice products of soft foundation in many national key projects, such as Qinghai-Tibetan railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Lanzhou-Xinjiang railway, Guangdong-Jiangxi highway, Beijing-Fuzhou highway, Nanjiang harbor district port in Tianjin, Cofferdam Project in Haicang district port of Xiamen, Datang electric power plant in Chaozhou, etc. Among the projects mentioned above, many projects are the models of high quality, and reflecting the leading power of Teamgo’s products of high strength and wide width.

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